Monday, May 15, 2017

Spring in Holland - working for the IB

I was really lucky to be invited to take part in the redevelopment of PD for the Enhanced PYP.  The IB flew me to The Hague, put me up in a nice hotel, and gave me a real insight into the upcoming changes.  Beyond this we are tasked to develop new workshops.  This is going to be an amazing experience.

I arrived on a Monday, which wasn't great as many things were closed.  I did, however, manage to take a long walk through local parks and woodland.

On our second day we went "downtown" in the evening for a dinner.  Our walk took us past the Peace Palace, alongside a canal and through several areas that were full of tulips.

The following day I went home with Anne van Dam, someone I used to work with in Switzerland who now works at the IB office.  We went for a walk to the sea right from her house, which is also set in lovely bluebell woodland.

On the Thursday Lex drove down from Haarlem and we went to Scheveningen and walked along the beach, having dinner at a beachside restaurant.  It was warm and sunny - though by the time we finished our meal the sky was looking dark and it was threatening rain.

Generally it was a lovely time - and I'm looking forward to developing myself in new ways professionally as I move forward with the development of PD for Category 1 workshops.

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