Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ice-skating at Hampton Court

A bit of a foggy day at Hampton Court Palace, but a wonderful backdrop for ice skating.

This year for our Christmas holidays we flew overnight to London from Mumbai, arriving on the Saturday morning early.  We picked up our hired car and drove to Rachel's where we were joined by Joal and Jenny.  Our plan was to go ice-skating for the afternoon.  Hampton Court is not far from where Rachel lives, and they were all keen to go there.  I didn't actually go on the ice myself, however I went and investigated the story of Sophia Duleep Singh, who was the daughter of Duleep Singh (of the Koh-i-noor diamond fame). 

Duleep Singh's daughter, Sophia, was a suffragette and a revolutionary. She lived in a grace and favour apartment outside the gates of Hampton Court Palace (unfortunately it's not open to the public - I checked when I was there . There has recently been a new book published about her life. My research into this amazing family continues.  My aim is to go back to Hampton Court with Rachel in the summer when we have time to explore it fully.  However this was a good activity to do on a winter's day.

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