Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A BIG Indian Wedding

One of my colleagues got married this month. The wedding was absolutely huge! Almost an entire Rajasthani palace was built (for just one night!) and it seemed as if thousands of people were invited and attended. Even my Indian friends said this was the largest wedding they had ever been to. The wedding took place over 3 days and I attended 2 of them, but all these photos are from the second day.

We started at school, and then were bussed a short distance to the grounds. We sat around in a sort of "holding area" for a while until the bridegroom was ready to leave. The idea is that the bridegroom's party go along with him to meet the bride - there is a lot of noise (drums and music) and dancing on the way and the bridegroom traditionally goes on a white horse or in a horse-drawn carriage.

Here comes the bridegroom!

As there was quite a lot of waiting around in the "holding area", a couple of us decided to walk straight to the wedding grounds when the bridegroom set off.  These grounds and the constructions in them were absolutely magical.  

Walking up to the entrance of the wedding venue

Walking to the wedding grounds.

Inside the grounds itself it was also amazing - for example at one end there was an entire orchestra on a stage.  All around the edge were food stalls serving very delicious Indian food.  

A red wedding with millions of rose petals everywhere.

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