Friday, January 8, 2016

Wadis and Beaches

After visiting the inland, mountainous areas of Oman, we set off back to the coast. We went to Wadi Bani Khalid on the way to Sur. All year round water flows from a natural spring in the wadi, so there is a lot of vegetation on the wadi floor.

The water in the wadi collects in a series of deep pools. The water was an amazing turquoise colour.

This man crossed the pool on a sort of stone bridge - with his donkey!

Lunch - a pack of dates (delicious).

We stayed one night at Sur. We were hoping to get to see the Turtle Beach, but in the end decided that it might be a long drive and at the end of it we might not even see any turtles.

The following day we walked around Al Ayjah - a small, sleepy place with a large lighthouse and several watchtowers.

Then we set off for a drive north of Muscat, stopping at the way at Yitti Beach.

Our final night in Oman was spent on the coast at Al Sawadi.  The coastal resorts were very quiet, which was a surprise considering it was still the holiday period.  The beach was practically deserted, except for the seagulls.

Lots of seagulls at the Daymaniyat Islands

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