Monday, January 4, 2016

London in Winter

After spending time with Mum, we then went down to London for the weekend and stayed with Joal. On the Saturday I took Lex for a walk through Limehouse - where my grandfather used to work.  The place is certainly different from his time!

On the Sunday we went to see Vanessa.  There was a lot of rain - but I quite like the effect of taking this rainy photo through the car windscreen.

On the Monday we were due to fly to Oman, we visited my cousin Sally in the morning.  She had fallen and broken her collar bone, so until she got back from the doctors Lex and I drove up to Alexandra Palace.  It was a glorious winter's day and we had a great view right across to the City of London.

After a brunch in Highgate with Sally we went for a walk to Highgate Cemetery.  It sounds a bit morbid but actually it's a really interesting place where many famous people are buried.

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