Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The backwaters of Srinagar

On our first day in Srinagar we decided we'd take a shikara into the town.  This took around 2 hours of paddling and we went right by the large 18th century Hari Parbat Fort - which now is closed to the public as it is used by the military.  

We had originally intended to come to Kashmir a year ago, but we had to cancel our plans because of the flooding.  There was still a lot of evidence of flood damage and areas that had still not been cleaned up, but generally the backwaters were lovely.

After we got to Srinagar we decided to walk up to the Shiva temple on top of the Shankaracharya Hill.  It was 5.5 kms all uphill, and at the top were 180 stairs that had to be climbed up to the temple itself. There were great views from the top - but unfortunately we don't have any as we had to leave phones and cameras at the police checkpoint at the bottom of the steps!

The Shiva temple is on top of the hill to the right.  You can just about see it in this photo.

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