Monday, September 28, 2015

A week in Kashmir

It has been 33 years since I last came to Kashmir, and just like then I stayed on a houseboat this time too.  I came here for a week with Lex and Jenni at the end of September.  We stayed on the Nagin Lake, which was very peaceful and had amazing views.  We had severals days of driving to other parts of Kashmir and some days exploring Srinagar itself.

Some of my favourite times here were simply spent sitting on the back deck of the boat watching the sky.  We always got great sunsets (even though we were facing east, as the reflections on the water were lovely) and the week we were there it was full moon and we got to watch it rise over the hills too.  Some of the tops of the mountains in the distance were already covered with snow.

People get around the lake by boat - and they come to you bringing a variety of wares - for example every morning the flower boat would come by.  In the evenings we mostly had visits from the leather bag and the papier mache hawkers.

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