Monday, August 31, 2015

SMART Ecological Park

Last week we went on a visit to SMART Ecological Park.  It's about an hour and a half out of Mumbai and is the vision of a group of lawyers based on the dying wish of one of their mothers to invest in a natural place for children.  Over the past 8 years SMART has converted 20 acres of barren land into a rich biodiverse eco-park.

SMART Park provides an interactive learning environment for developing solutions to global problems like sustainability, global citizenship and coexistence. The park is designed for children from the ages of six to eighteen.

The Information Centre is made from recycled tetra-packs. I really like the Future-Nature panel which is about future technologies related to energy use and generation.  In the park are working wind and solar energy generation to demonstrate the practical application of clean energy solutions.

There are themed forests (including perfume, cosmetics, medicine and chocolate) for learning about the healing power of nature and natural remedies.  All the food served in the Eco-park is grown on site.  There is also an area called the Compassion Zone which has animals such as goats and cows.

On-site there is also a yoga ad meditation centre - we are planning on going back for a yoga and mindfulness weekend in October.

One of my favourite places was the Dream Catchers.  You can walk on raised platforms above the ground and sit in the middle of the metal sculptures and think.  Another of my favourite places was the peace gardens which had various themes such as perspective and balance.

In one of the gardens was a tree house.  You could climb up quite high and there were magnificent views from the top.

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