Friday, August 7, 2015

Hello Year 4!

The photo above was my last view of England, before setting off for Year 4 in India.  It was taken at Heathrow Airport as I would about to board the flight to Mumbai.  It was hard to leave England this year.  My mother has just been diagnosed with a mixed form of dementia and it was a race against the clock to get all the care in place for her before leaving.  I will be another 5 months until I'm back.

I truly had a wonderful time this summer.  I had days in London with my son, PD in both Philadelphia and Italy, around 10 days with my daughter in both Genoa and England, and time with family and friends at Nowton.  These few family weeks were extremely precious to me and I have stored up all the moments in my heart to get me through the coming months.

However I didn't come back to an empty house - I now have 2 cats and a tank full of fish, and next week Lex will be back too.  We have moved to Bandra and our new apartment is looking good.  I am looking forward to Year 4 in Incredible India!

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