Sunday, May 10, 2015

Eat, Pray, Shop in Pushkar

The first weekend of May was a long weekend - we had both Friday and Monday off school - so I wanted to get away to a small place with not too much travel involved.  So for this trip we went to Pushkar, a town of pilgrimage, where legend claims its lake was created from the petals that fell from the hands of Brahma, the Creator.  Today life revolves around its lakeside ghats, temples and vibrant colourful bazaars.

In Pushkar, rows of ghats lead down to the mystically placid lake from hundreds of milky-blue temples.

Pushkar also has the only Brahma Temple in the world.  This is because according to legend Brahma's wife Savitri, annoyed that he married another wife (Gayatri), vowed that this would be the only place where he would be worshipped.  There are temples to both Savitri and Gayatri on the surrounding hills.

On our first day we walked around the ghats, and then in the early evening went to the Sunset Cafe for Sizzlers and to watch the sun go down.

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