Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Moving to Bandra

After 3 years in Kohinoor City - not the nicest part of Mumbai - we are going to move to Bandra, the Queen of the Suburbs.  We will be living in a greener place, a more cosmopolitan place, and near to the coast (walking distance).  It will be a bit of a further commute, but I think it will be worth it.  At the weekend Lex and I went to check out our new neighbourhood.

Guru Nanak Park, one street behind where I am going to be living, is a tranquil corner in my new neighbourhood.  I'm planning on walking on the track around this park in the evenings - just 4 rupees to enter. I love the green in this park and the shade it provides.

This guy's stall is on the corner of my road. I'm really looking forward to buying fresh fruit from him.

My new apartment - exterior view only here (I will take photos of the inside when I move in June). Huge terrace at the back.  I'm looking forward to decorating.

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