Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Switzerland

At the start of March I went to Switzerland for a week to do the second part of Cognitive Coaching.  The workshop was held at the Inter-Community School in Zurich, but I went to Glenda's for the weekend.  It was such a joy to see old friends, breathe clean air, and look at beautiful views.

On my second day in Switzerland I went out for a morning walk with Leon.  We did a great walk around Morschach with beautiful views out over the Vierw√§ldstattersee.  It was such a beautiful time of year to be there!

On Sunday afternoon Glenda and I went into Zug and met friends at the Skybar.  Once again it was great to look out over my "old" views of the Zugersee.

For the days of the course itself I went and stayed with David and Ruth in Forch.  On my first day there I went into Zurich for the day with Erica.  We had a good walk through the streets and into several churches and then ended up at the Lindt factory.

While staying with David and Ruth, we met up with Vitor in Zurich.  As Vitor said "This is the beginning of the end."  We were such a great team - and now none of us work at ISZL anymore.

My dear friend Karen was due to have surgery and I planned to meet her after this at the hospital in Zurich.  David even went along to the hospital - only to find that her operation had been postponed because she'd picked up an infection.  So I went to visit her at her home instead (which was actually much nicer than going to see her in hospital).

After visiting Karen, I met Katja and we walked from Cham, along the lake, through Zug to Oberwil.  Again a fabulous spring day and so many lovely memories of when I lived there.

It was a great week and I hope it's not too long before I'm back in this great place with all my great friends again.

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