Saturday, November 1, 2014

Varkala: India's Deep South

Over the Diwali long weekend Lex and I went down to Varkala.  The place where we stayed was just north of Varkala in a quiet little bay.  

By day the beach was taken over by the fishermen - in the morning they pushed out their huge wooden boats and set their nets.  Later they pulled the nets in to the beach and sorted out the fish.  In the evening tables were set up on the beach with candles.  The whole time there you could hear the roaring of the waves.

One morning we walked north from our bungalow along the cliffs.  There were several little bays.  This part of Kerala is the only part of the Arabian Sea with cliffs.

One evening we walked down to the Fisherman's Art Cafe and sat by the sea watching the sun set.  We had a delicious meal of prawns and calamari, straight from the sea.

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