Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tsemo Gompa and Leh Palace

We could see the Tsemo Gompa from our guesthouse so feeling ready for a challenge after 4 days in Ladakh we decided to hike up to it.  It was about 40 minutes uphill and it was pretty exhausting.  Right at the top of the mountain there were some stupas and prayer flags.  Our guesthouse is somewhere below in the valley (I tried to identify it but couldn't).

The view from the Tsemo Gompa was amazing - there was a little platform that you could walk on all around the outside of it.  In both photos you can see the Shanti Stupa over on the far hill.

From the Tsemo Gompa it was a downhill (but not easy!) walk to Leh Palace.  This is a nine-storey building dating from the 1550s.  It was built by the Buddhist kings of Ladakh and was once the world's highest building.  The palace's inward leaning walls are in the same architectural tradition as the otala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet.

We once again walked down into Leh, did some shopping and had lunch.

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