Sunday, September 28, 2014

17 hours in Delhi

Lex, Jenni and I planned a trip to Ladakh for the Autumn break.  Because of the flight schedule we had to spend a day in Delhi.  Since Lex and I have been to many places in Delhi before, we decided to go somewhere that we hadn't been before.  We decided to visit the Cultural Museum.

The museum was full of artifacts from different regions of India.  These included wall paintings and fabrics.  Part of the museum was laid out like an Indian village.

In fact this part of the museum was closed off, but there was nobody to stop us walking through it.

Another part of the museum was indoors.  The buildings were designed around small courtyards filled with other items from different parts of India, for example this stone chariot that is used to wheel images of gods around a village and the birdcage.

We had lunch at the museum and our plan was to walk to the India Gate.  However on the way we noticed an old fort and decided to investigate.  This turned out to be the Purana Qilar.  We decided to go in and look around it.

Again this was a very pleasant surprise.  It was a lovely place and not at all crowded and we were able to spend quite some time walking around the different buildings inside the fort.

Finally we did make our way to the India Gate and Canopy Statue.  The sun was going down and it made a very picturesque photo!

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