Monday, April 28, 2014

Bandra and Juhu

We spent the last week with Rachel going to some local places such as Bandra and Juhu Beach.  We went to Joggers Park and had a walk around at sunset - then we went for some yummy pancakes at Crepes Suzette.

We also went to the Novotel at Juhu and had some drinks by the sea - unfortunately because of the elections it was a dry day - so no happy hour for us!

How did Rachel spend her days in Mumbai?  Mostly studying for her upcoming university exams and painting.

Rachel at Elephanta

On Rachel's second weekend in Mumbai we went to Elephanta Island.  Once again we took a taxi downtown and then took a ferry across to the island.  The caves are dedicated to Lord Shiva and there are many carvings of him and Parvati, and the three headed Shiva showing various incarnations, for example Shiva the dancer and Shiva the destroyer.

It was a long hot day.  The following day Rachel and I went to the pool at the Hyatt to relax.

Rachel in Mumbai in April

Rachel came to Mumbai for just over 3 weeks in April - what a treat for me.  Although we didn't go away, we did try to do things every weekend in and around Mumbai.  On our first weekend Rachel and I went downtown.  We visited the Museum of Modern Art and also several other galleries - the paintings were pretty weird!

The following day we set off for Marve - we'd heard that you could get a day ticket to the Manoribel where you could walk on the beach and lounge in hammocks.  We took a taxi to Marve and then the ferry across towards Gorai.

This was the beach at Marve.  It was sandy, fairly clean and fairly empty.  I spent most of the day lounging in hammocks under the trees.  It was definitely nice to spend time in somewhere green.