Saturday, February 22, 2014

Straw to Brick: Habitat for Humanity Build

This was our village build. The people live in the traditional straw houses and we were building brick ones for them (my house is on the right of this photo).

The mortar for the bricks is simply mud. The girls had to wade into it and shovel it into buckets for us.

So - the plan was to build the walls up to the level of the roof in just one day.  
My first attempt at bricklaying happened here - I was helping to build the back wall of the house with one of the students and a couple of the locals.

The students were simply amazing. At this point the house is about half built.

In the afternoon I moved onto one of the finished houses. We were painting it a lovely bright turquoise with some terracotta trimmings.

Looking forward to her new house!

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