Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Diwali Lights

One Friday night, right before Diwali, Lex and I decided to go to Mahim to see the Diwali lanterns. We got to the BKC road and it was very busy with people going home from work - there were lots of people wanting taxis, but very few taxis. Anyway as we were waiting there a young Indian man started talking to us and told us we could ride there with him - he was going to Mahim Junction to pick up his fiancee and take her shopping. What a lovely man! He took us all the way to Mahim and showed us around, where to walk, where to eat and so on. Happy Diwali!

This powder is used to make the beautiful rangoli patterns outside people's front doors.

These lanterns are made out of a few thin sticks covered with tissue paper.  They are so beautiful!

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