Wednesday, February 6, 2013

People Watching in Worli

I've developed a real interest in taking photos of people and their lives since moving to India.  The faces of people are so expressive!  Yet often I don't know whether or not to approach people and ask them if I may take their photo.  Do they see this as an intrusion?  Are they wondering why I'm photographing them?  Children and young people are generally keen to have their photos taken, older people not so.  This week on my walk around Worli fishing village I tried to capture the lives of the people by taking their portraits.
This old man was very happy to have his photo taken

This lady was Ok about me taking her photo but didn't want to smile or look at the camera

Making and selling flower garlands

Two ladies selling fish

Children in an alleyway.  They didn't want to come any closer

The man who was standing next to this woman urged me to take her photo .  I asked her "Is this your husband?" She was horrified and said "No!"

This man buys recycled paper by weight.  However he seems to have higher aspirations - look at the way he posed for this photo - I think he'd like to be a Bollywood actor!

Another old lady who wouldn't look at the camera

Does this girl live among the rubbish?  Who knows, but she was happy to have her photo taken.

Children outside their home

Lady and baby

Fisherfolk gathering up their nets

This man really wanted his daughter to smile.  She wouldn't!

Grandma looks after the children

This old lady was sitting combing her hair.  Look at how long it is!

Washing the clothes.  I thought she was cooking in the pot on the fire, but actually she was boiling hot water.

This photo wasn't taken in Worli but at the Hanging Gardens at Malabar Hill.  Just look at how happy this lady is - it shines out of her eyes, even though you can't see her smile.

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