Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wearing a sari to go to a wedding

Last Saturday evening I went to a wedding.  This was an Indian wedding and so everyone here persuaded me that I should dress up and go in a sari.  One of my colleagues took me sari shopping on Monday evening after school.  We went to Dadar where there are lots of sari shops and after trying several and insisting that I wanted a "dark colour" and "not too much bling" I ended up with one that I loved.  The next step was to have a blouse made (which happened at this little hole in the wall shop) and get a petticoat to tuck the sari into.

On Saturday my lovely friend Heeru came over and dressed me in the sari.  Then we had to get into (and out of) a taxi to get to the wedding.  After that I had to dance the night away!  All I had was one pin on the shoulder holding the pallu in place.  I was terrified that I was trip over the pleats at the front, or that I would step on the front and pull the whole thing off!  Despite this I loved wearing my first sari - it made me feel like a green goddess!

Jenny's wedding was really lovely and the reception was HUGE!  For my next wedding I want to go to a very traditional Hindu one.  I wonder who I know who can be persuaded to get married next?

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