Saturday, January 26, 2013

The village behind our apartment

Earlier this year I did an online photography course.  One of the modules of this course was documentary photography.    I had no idea how the local people would react to me taking photos of them, but I first started taking photos in the village behind my apartment (I'm sure this village has a name but nobody has been able to tell me what it is called.  Rickshaw drivers don't seem to know it and when I direct them through here on the way home they can't believe that I live right next to this village).

Village restaurant
Local barber shop

The greengrocer

The assignment called for black and white photography, but to me this didn't really capture the essence of this village.  The people's lives are vibrant and colourful.  I think the colour photos show this much better.

The general store

Another barber - I found this photo quite poignant - he seemed sad to have no customers
The local delivery man - he comes round selling things.  The children just out of school were running along behind his bike.  

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