Saturday, January 26, 2013

Republic Day

This rangoli welcomed us to the courtyard this morning

One of my neighbours called round last week to invite me to the flag raising ceremony for Indian Republic Day.  We met all the other tenants in our apartment complex in one of the courtyard gardens.  The dress code was orange, white and green, the colours of the Indian flag.  Lex and I made a point of trying to dress in these colours too (I actually wore an outfit made out of material given to me by our housekeeper in Thailand and then just draped a green scarf over the top).

The ceremony started with the national anthem, followed by the raising of the flag by the youngest and oldest members of the apartment community.  There was Indian music and dancing and a fancy dress parade for the children.

This little boy was Lord Krishna

This baby was dressed as a sunflower
This baby was dressed as a bumble bee

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