Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just another Saturday night in Bandra

Last week something amazing happened.  While I've been writing this blog for friends and family, so they can keep track of what we are up to in India, I got contacted by someone else who had found my blog - or more to the point had found one of the photos on my blog and wanted to know where I had taken it.  He also offered me some more suggestions for places to go and take photos.  I followed up on the first suggestion last Saturday.  Lex and I had to go to Bandra anyway, so we decided we'd "discover" Zig Zag Road.  We walked up it, then down the other side of Pali Hill until we got to the beach.  These are the photos we took.

My camera was on "Intelligent Auto" for taking the photos above.  In fact I think they have turned out more orange simply because of taking the photo straight into the sun, which has caused the rest of the photo to become a silhouette.  Contrast this with the photo below, as the sun was just sinking below the horizon.  I found the colours of this fascinating.  I always assumed the brighest colours would be around the sun itself and that higher up the sky would be turning darker - but look at what actually happened!

We have lots of suggestions for other places to go to take photos now too.  We'll be back in Bandra again soon.

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