Wednesday, November 21, 2012

South Goa - Beach Life

After a few days in the north of Goa, it was time to move to the south.  On the way south we stopped at  the Braganza House in Chandor - one of Goa's faded mansions.  The 17th century mansion is full of gorgeous chandeliers, Italian marble floors, rosewood furniture and antiques from China, Japan, Macao and Portugal.  The land was originally given to the family by the King of Portugal, but in the 1960s the Indian Government took back Goa and confiscated the land.  The family (who still live there 9 generations on from the original gift of land) are now reduced to showing visitors around their beautiful but crumbling old house and relying on donations towards the cost of maintenance.

Our destination in South Goa was Agonda Beach. It was the quietest of all the beaches that we went to which what just what I wanted.  Small beach huts - lots of sand in between each small "resort".

Most of the time was spent walking up and down the beach (morning and evening), sitting and reading or doing my online course or lounging on a sunbed.  Very relaxing.

On our second day in the South we went to Palolem.  I'd heard this was the most beautiful beach - but actually I liked our beach better as it was quieter.  Here we found a cafe that had sunbeds and I logged onto my online course using just my iPhone.  The password for the wifi was "palmtree"!

I loved our beach - so quiet and peaceful.

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