Monday, October 29, 2012

Haji Ali's Dargah

This weekend Lex and I went to Haji Ali's Darga.  Actually I've been referring to it as a mosque every since I lived here, but I heard today that it isn't a mosque at all, instead it is a shrine.

This Indo-Islamic shrine was built in the 19th century and contains the tomb of the Muslim saint, Haji. Haji died while on a pilgrimage to Mecca and his casket washed up at this spot.

A dargah is actually a Sufi shrine built over the grave of a saint or dervish.  Dargah is a Persian word for portal, and some Sufi and other Muslims believe that dargahs are portals by which they can invoke the deceased saint's intercession and blessing

When the tide is high, the dargah seems to float like a mirage off the coast. When we were there it was low tide however.

To get to the mosque you have to walk along a causeway out into the Arabian Sea. It was very crowded. On the way back the sun was going down and the moon was coming up.  The skies are so orange here (I think it is all the pollution).

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