Thursday, October 4, 2012

Four Days in Matheran


On Tuesday it was a public holiday in India - it was a celebration of Gandhi's birthday.  The school gave us Monday off as well, so we were able to have a long weekend.  Some of the teachers travelled to exotic destinations (Singapore, Hong Kong, Oman).  Lex and I however decided we stay local and go to the hill station of Matheran, about 2 hours away from Mumbai.

The "Toy Train" doesn't run in the monsoon season, however Saturday was the first day it started running again.  We didn't know that - so although we saw the train at the bottom of the "hill", we'd already decided we'd hike up.

We stayed at the Usha Ascot resort.  The photos make it look better than it really was.  It was quite run down really - a typical example of faded glory - but the people were friendly and the food was excellent.

On the Saturday afternoon, after a great lunch, we set off for a local hike.  We walked to Charlotte Lake and then on to Lord's Point.

The views at Lord's Point were great.  We then carried on to Celia (or maybe Cecil - depending on what map you look at) Point.  Cecil Point was actually quite scary.  In the wet season this is actually a waterfall that tumbles over the edge of the cliff.  At the moment it was just a trickle and you could walk right up to the edge!

 We started Day 2 (Sunday) with a walk to Alexander Point and then Rambag.  The panorama at the top is actually taken there.

Each day we were there we thought about going up to Porcupine Point, also known as Sunset Point in the evening.  This was quite a long way from our resort so it would involve riding there on a horse.  Unfortunately on each evening we were then it got cloudy and we even had a thunderstorm a couple of days.

We therefore decided that we would go to Porcupine Point during the day.  We hired horses on the Monday and rode up there.  I can see that this would be a lovely place to watch the sun go down.

On the way up to Porcupine Point we stopped at another point, called Honeymoon Point.

On our final day, we went for a walk before breakfast.  Here we are again at Charlotte Lake looking towards the valley.  As you can see we were high above the clouds.

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