Sunday, October 14, 2012

Beach Life at Juhu and Bandra

This weekend I needed to take some landscape photographs for an online photography course that I am doing.  The options were forest, desert, mountain, prairie and seacoast.  Since none of the other options were available close to Mumbai, I opted for the seacoast one.

We took a tuktuk to the beach at Juhu and then started walking along it.  At Juhu it was quite sandy and there were even people who were swimming in the sea.

From the water's edge, this is the view looking back towards Juhu.  It's not a busy or touristy place at all.

After walking and taking photos at Juhu we took another tuktuk to Bandra.  Although it's just down the coast it's a very different landscape here.  More rocky.  However there seems to be some fishing going on and there were some colourful fishing boats pulled up on to the rocky shoreline.

One of the shots I had to do was of reflections in water.  This is the one I did at Bandra.

I also tried different modes on the camera such as the sunset mode and taking photos into water.  All in all I was fairly happy with these photos.

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