Friday, August 17, 2012

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park

August 15th is a public holiday in India, it's the day of Indian independence from Great Britain.  A group of us decided we'd spend the day at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park which is located in north Mumbai and is one of the few national parks in the world totally enclosed by a metropolis.  Inside the park there are forests, hills, valleys and lakes and there are caves full of carvings.

The Kanheri Caves area of the park date from the 1st century BC and have been chiseled out of the rock. The caves were used for study and meditation and some are carved with Buddhist sculptures.

Look carefully at the photo below and you will see the road - we hiked up from this road to the caves.  There were over 40 caves.  In the background you will also just see the buildings of the city of Mumbai.

Some of the caves were large and had obviously been used as places of worship.  In one cave there were stone pillars all along it, carved out of the rock.

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