Friday, August 10, 2012

Escobar on Lord Krishna's Birthday

We went to the Escobar for our first TGIF yesterday.  Dubbed as one of the "hippest" bars in Mumbai, it is claimed to have the longest bar in India and it's a regular hangout of the Bollywood crowd.  The bar doesn't open until 7.30 pm, but the school reserved it from 4pm for us, and we were treated to free drinks and food all evening.

After that I went out with Karen to watch the festivities for Lord Krishna's birthday.  We walked until we found an intersection with an unbroken pot suspended above it and hung around while several groups set up a human pyramid to try to smash it.  Eventually our patience was rewarded as we saw one group smash the pot and claim the prize.

I got a taxi back to Kohinoor.  This was a first for me because I don't know the way home yet and don't recognize landmarks.  However I was able to direct the taxi driver once he reached the LBS road, so I feel a little more confident now that I can actually get home after a night out!

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