Monday, June 25, 2012

Mother India

Farewell to India by Trey Ratcliffe Share AlikeShare AlikeNoncommercialon Flickr

Last week I was sent the Cutlure Shock India book by ASB.  I started readin it on the plane as I was going to the ISTE Conference.  This is what I'm reading that really excites me about moving to India:
India was never just a country; it has always been a dream, an idea, an elusive vision that attracted travelers from all over the world for thousands of years .... the images that the word India conjoures up are diverse and often contradictory, suggesting that one must e the real India, and it's only a matter of finding out which one.  If only it were that simple!  To understand India at all you must be able to hold onto completely contradictory images and realize that both represent the true India.

If you lay a map of India over a map of Europe it covers the area from Denmark to Libya and from Spain to Russia.  As different as each of these European countries are, so are the different parts of India.  The billion plus people of India belong to at least 4 different racial groups, speak 325 different languages and practise more than 7 religions.

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