Sunday, May 20, 2012

Getting Ready to Move

Christmas 2011
Three years ago we were living in Bangkok, and in pretty much the same situation as we are in now - sorting out, throwing out, packing up.  In the middle of the chaos of this moving business I looked back to see what it was like before, and surprisingly I seem to be more organized than I was then.  This time three years ago I hadn't organized a shipping company, hadn't booked flights and hadn't visited the country that was to be my home for the coming three years.  This time around I've done all of these things!

Christmas 2011
But things will be different.  This is the first time in over twenty years that both children will be away from home.  I'm facing the prospect of the "empty nest" with mixed feelings.  How wonderful it will be to be independent.  How much I will miss being a mum on a daily basis.  It seems like the whole family is on the move.  Joal to work "somewhere" for Lloyds, Rachel to Scotland to university and Mum to sheltered accommodation near my brother Kevin.  The last time we were all together was last Christmas - but now we are scattering to the winds.  Joal will spend the summer in the USA as a camp counsellor, Rachel and I will be on the other side of the USA in California at the ISTE Conference, Lex will be back in Holland visiting friends and family.  Next Christmas, the next opportunity we have to be together, seems an awful long way away.

Mumbai will certainly be different from Switzerland.  I'm exchanging rural beauty for a thriving metropolis.  I'm exchanging a work experience that has been less than positive for a new job at one of the best and most forward looking schools in the world.  It's a time of change, of new possibilities, of a new life.  Follow along and share my new adventures in India!

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