Sunday, May 20, 2012

First glimpse of my new school

I went to visit the school in February - I was so lucky that ASB agreed to fly me out to Un-Plugged and I could see for myself what a dynamic place this will be to work.  One morning I went to visit the new campus - the building site!  Yes, this is really going to be ready by 1st August and opening with 500 or so students.

This is the architect's model for Kohinoor city.  Right in the front of the model is a new shopping centre and then behind that (the building with the pool on the roof) is the school.  The buildings behind the school are the sports club and hotel, and further up the street the large building is a hospital.  I'll be living in one of the apartments here.

 This is what the school looks like inside.  Lots of open spaces.  The architect's plans show how this will eventually look.  No classrooms as such.  Glass dividers that can be moved around.  "Campfire" spaces for whole group work, "watering holes" for students to work together in small groups, "cave spaces" for individual work.  A real 21st century design for learning.

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